Freeman Drive, Letchworth Garden City

Here is what Lizzie Heale (Homeowner) has to say about Herts Living Ltd and her new home (April 2024):

“I would like to take this opportunity to say as a purchaser of Herts Living Homes, I cannot be more pleased with my new home.

This is my first time acquiring a brand new house,  as in the past I have always lived in older properties. I have recently downsized from a large 4 bed house to a 2 bed one and moved into a lovely Herts Living home in Letchworth, which has more than lived up to my expectations. It is comfortable, spacious and warm, and best of all, easy to clean and look after. I feel the design has been very well thought out and as far as I can tell, my new home has been built to a very high standard. I am looking forward to spending many happy years here.

There were a few snagging issues, some sticky tape left on the outside window sills needing cleaning off, a sticking front door that needed to be realigned, a patio door handle replaced due to a little  paint scratched off and a loose rim around a ceiling light fixed back in place. The team came during my third week in my new home, with Steve, (the contractor), having made an inspection the week before to assess the situation. They were very polite and friendly and made all the repairs in a timely and competent fashion.

I have been very pleased with all my dealings with Herts Living Homes, finding them most helpful with any questions I’ve had over the last few weeks.”